Learn to be a Good Player by playing Different Rummy Games Online

If you want to play rummy online, there are various options for you to try out. From pool rummy, deals rummy and more.

Not to forget, you don’t need to step out of your home to play multiple games in one day thanks to rummy games free download. And all of them, with a proper net connection, will be smooth and successful games, if you know how to play well.

To be a good player, you’ll need to remember a few playing styles before going into casual games or tournaments. And when you time your strategies with the table, there are more chances of you winning big cash rewards in the end.

These following tips can help you become a brilliant rummy player for all games:

Tips to Be the Best in Rummy Games Online

Eyes on the Card

At first, you’ve to make sure that your eyes are on the cards, meaning yours and your opponent’s. Of course, you cannot look into your opponent’s hand, not because it’s illegal but also as it’s online.

The tricks are to observe their picks and discards. You can then begin to mentally calculate the possibilities of the sequences he is about to create before declaring.

With practice, you’ll soon develop a habit of quickly eyeing their activities during their turns. Soon, you might be able to trick them and even win the game with their help.

Tricking the Opponent

Tricking the opponent in a game doesn’t always equate to cheating. If you use your smarts, sometimes tricking is possible while you’re following the rules.

During a game of 13 rummy, for example, you’ll have an upside-down deck as well as an open deck where you can discard a card during your turn.

Now the open deck hence shows the cards you and your opponent discards and even pick from, during their turn. Hence, you can observe the cards they pick or seem helpful to your opponent.

Here, you can do two things, trick them into helping you, or stop their winning process.

To Win: For the first one, if you have 10 of all suits except spades, and a 9 of spades, discard the latter from your hand. By doing so, you might make them discard a 10 of spades, picking up which helps you complete a pure sequence.

To Halt Opponent: During your initial turns, discard your high-value cards from hand. By doing so, you’re constricting your opponent’s luck of drawing useful cards only from the closed deck. The closed-deck here is unknown to all players. Hence, they might not win that round due to the lesser availability of useful cards.


The choices in Indian rummy games are many. You can opt for your favorite playing format and spend hours in bed, winning cash prizes through rummy games free download.

Not to forget, by using websites such as Rummy Passion, you can also receive a starting cash value of Rs 100 by authenticating your personal and bank details. You can make good use of the online platform to hone your rummy player skills and earn in thousands every day.